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Shift Swap Requests

Unrubble allows employees to submit requests for schedule swaps.

How does it work?

Teammate A submits a request to swap the schedule with another Teammate B. When Temmate B agrees to such a change supervisor receives the request and makes the final decision on whether to approve the swap or not.

Organization settings

To enable this feature, go to Organization Settings > Requests in left-hand-side menu > In schedules requests turn on Allow request for schedule.

Submitting a request

Go to the `Request`s view, click + Add request > select Shift swap.

Choose the day you want to make the shift swap,
Select the person you want to swap with - the Swap with field,
Optionally fill in the reason why you are submitting this request,
Choose the supervisor who will make the final decision.

Important information

Schedule changes can only be made between teammates who mutually see each other's work schedules (same tag with option "Show teammates details in Calendar").
Only teammates with an active Unrubble account (assigned email address and accepted invitation) can make the swap.
If the request is not processed on time (i.e., by the day the change applies to), the system will automatically delete it.
The supervisor will only receive the request for consideration when both parties (teammates) agree to such a swap.

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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