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Custom Work Statuses

Unrubble offers the possibility to create new statuses.

By default, you will see the status of work in your account:
Clock In
Clock Out
Paid Break
Unpaid Break

Examples of statuses added to Unrubble:
Private exit
Business exit,
AAA Project,
BBB Project,
AAA Order,
BBB Order,

Additional statuses

How to create a new status?

Go to the Time Tracking (on upper bar).
Select Work Statuses.
Click the blue button + Add status.
Describe the new status.
Select options:
Pause Work Time – While this status is run, the work time will be stopped.
Required minimum work time – You can define the maximum duration of a status.
Click Save.
That’s all!

NOTE ⚠ The system automatically creates the end of the added status on the basis of "name (end)". If you have created a status called "Break", its end pair will be "Break (end)".

⚠ Remember that additional statuses has to be clocked between main statuses Clock In and Clock Out.

✅ An example of correctly reported statuses:

08:00 am - Clock In
09:00 am - New status A
10:00 am - New status A (end)
01:00 pm - New status B
02:00 pm - New status B (end)
04:00 pm - Clock Out

Custom work statuses are unavailable in Starter plan

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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