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Availability for scheduling

Unrubble allows employees to set their availability in calendar.

How does it work?

By clicking on each day in the calendar, the employee can set availability for work in three modes:
Available with specifying the time range,

The system shows the availability of employees in colors on the calendar.
🟩 Green - means the employee's availability throughout the day,
🟩 Green with hours - means the availability of the employee in selected hours,
🟥 Red - means the employee is unavailable on that day.

Organization settings

To enable this feature, go to Organization Settings > Schedules in left-hand-side menu > turn on Allow users to set their availability for scheduling.

Marking availability

Go to the "Calendar" view, click on the selected day > enter your availability by clicking on the pencil icon ✏️ on the right in the day details.

Then set availability, to choose from:
Available along with specifying the time range

Important information

Availability does not replace the schedule.
It is visible only to people who can scheduling shifts for an employees.
Availability has no effect on reports, it only tells you when an employee can work and when they can't, which can make scheduling easier.

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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