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These are the places we name on the map. When a user clocks their status, we will know where they made the status report. Locations also allow you to set a maximum distance tolerance for time tracking. Thanks to this functionality, we can eliminate status reports in forbidden places.


You can specify a location in three ways:

Go to Time Tracking > Locations
Click + Add Location
Enter the Name
Enter the address - City and Street and Number
Enter the Tolerance threshold.
Click Save.


To edit location just click on it.


To delete the location you need to hover the mouse cursor on the selected and click the trash icon.

Limit to allowed locations - available in the Settings (right upper corner) > Time tracking. When this option is checked, events from invalid locations will be rejected.

Locations are not assigned to the employee. This is a global setting. By defining locations in Unrubble, we allow all users to Clocks events in these places.

Bad location

If you saw the following error message by adding a status via Kiosk mode, it means that the browser has sent wrong information about your location.

The browser has limited access to the location, depending on the information provided by the Internet service provider.
Unfortunately, we have no influence on this and in the event that the problem of poor location recurs, we suggest not limiting it.

You can turn off the location restriction for the entire company in the Settings (described above) or for a specific employee by going to the Team view, entering the editing card of the selected user, in the Advanced tab.

Updated on: 28/05/2024

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