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Roles (formerly Permissions)

Roles in the Unrubble application are one of the key functionalities. First of all, they allow you to define what functions of the application can be used by other users.


The Unrubble application has several types of roles defined by default:


To find out what permissions each of the roles has attributed:

Go to the Team tab.
In the panel on the left, find the Roles section.
Select Manage from the menu hidden under the three dots.
Click on the role which scope of permissions you want to know.

Defining your own roles

The main administrator of the account in Unrubble (and people who have been granted such permission) can define their own roles, other than the default ones. To do this:

Go to the Team tab.
In the panel on the left, find the Roles section.
Select Manage from the menu hidden under the three dots.
Click the Add button or copy an existing Role by selecting the Duplicate option hidden in the three-dot menu next to the existing role.
Name and fill in a description (optional) of the new permission. You can also choose the color of the label with which employees with this role will be marked.
From the list, select the permissions that you want to assign to the role you are creating. Move the slider next to the selected permission so that it turns blue - this will mean that the person who receives this role will have access to the selected functionality in Unrubble.
When done, click Save.

You can copy roles and then edit them according to your needs. All you have to do is enter roles management (three dots) and select Duplicate next to the role you want to copy.

Assignment or change of role for a single employee:

After creating a new role, assign it to the employee. To do this:

Go to the Team tab.
Click on the selected employee.
In the Profile tab, find the Roles section and select an appropriate role from the list.
If you do not find the correct permission set on the list, from this level you can add a new role by clicking the Manage link.
Click the Save button.

Assigning or changing the role of many employees at the same time:

In the new version of Unrubble, you can add and change permissions for many employees at once. To add the same role to more than one person:

Go to the Team tab.
Select the boxes to the left of the names of the employees to whom you want to assign or change the role.
From the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the main screen, select Bulk Actions.
From the list of available bulk actions, select the option Set role and select the appropriate role from the list.
If you want to overwrite the existing roles of the selected employees, check the Overwrite existing role settings option.
Click the Save button.

Attention! The permissions can only be assigned to the Unrubble user who has an e-mail address assigned to them in the system.

⚠ Note! The right of the head administrator of the account (founder) is superior to all the others and cannot be changed or withdrawn.

Roles are unavailable in Starter plan

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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