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How to start using the Unrubble system?

What should you do to start using Unrubble? Look into basic steps to get acquainted with the platform.

Account creation

To create an account, all you need to do is go to the website and click the button in the upper right corner Get started. Then enter your email and define a password.

After creating an account, the first time you run it, you will be asked for the type of account you want to create:
ORGANIZATION - this is an administrator account that will give you access to all Unrubble's capabilities. Select this option if you want to test access to all Unrubble functions for free for 14 days.
EMPLOYEE - this is an account for an employee who wants to join an existing organization. If you are the administrator and want to test the tool, please do not select this option.

After selecting the mode, the application will start in the main admin panel. From this level, you can make any changes, add employees, their work schedules, holidays and check working time records.

Application functionality

We offer 3 functionality:
Time Tracking - Automatic time tracking, redefined
Calendar - Make work scheduling great again
Requests - PTOs, WFHs, vacations. Sorted in minutes

Check out our plans here - Unrubble - Pricing

Available time tracking methods

Available time tracking methods - Time Tracking module

Getting Started 💭

Install the application Time Clock by Unrubble on a tablet or smartphone - thanks to it, employees will be able to reflect cards with QR codes.
How to add employees and activate their accounts?
How to print cards with a QR code for employees?
How to add a department with a Tag?
How to manually add Clock In and Clock Out event to an employee?
Adding a Work Schedule in the Calendar.
Adding Time Off, Business Trip or any request in the Requests module.
Roles, or how to grant permissions to users.

Reports 📈

Unrubble has 4 different reports on your employees. Check them out below:
Attendance Report
Timesheets Report
Detailed Report
Summary Report


The presentation of the system is available on our YouTube channel (for English turn on Subtitles)

How long is the trial period?

After creating an account, you will receive 14 free days of a trial period, with no obligations.
During this time, you can test the capabilities of all three modules, with no user limit. 😎

What's next?

You decide what you need. After the trial period, all you have to do is go to the Plan and billing tab under account icon, where you can choose:
Number of users (paid plan),
Plan that fit's to you: Time Tracking, Scheduling, PTO Tracker.

For more details check out our pricing site:
Unrubble - Pricing
How to make a payment in Unrubble?

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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