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Module Requests

Requests module is used to mark all absences in the company, including sick leaves, and offers the possibility of submitting any applications with their own purposes, such as remote work, private break, overtime, equipment assignment, etc. You’re able to run a fully digital workflow for time off applications with it.


General information

The employee may submit a request for time off, then the responsible person has the opportunity to decide on their application.
Leave reporting is possible from Web App (browser) and the employee mobile application called Unrubble: your work life - an active employee account is required for this.
Administrator or another authorized person (manager, superior, etc.) can add each application on behalf of an employee.
Information about the time off days used by the employee, along with the still left number of days for a given year, are visible in the Requests view > Three dots > Request overview - the limit data should be completed in the employee's card.
✨ Unused time off days, depending on the setting, can be automatically carried over to the next year. This setting can be found in Team > Chart of Employee > Requests Limits.

Submitting the request

To submit the request just click on the button + Add request, select the employee, choose the type of application, then subtype from the list, fill in the rest of the details as needed. After clicking Save, the person responsible for examining the requests (or the person selected by the employee) will receive a notification about a new application awaiting in the system.
Skip weekends - By enabling this option, the system will skip all weekend days while planning the requests in the selected period, not taking them into account.
Skip holidays - By enabling this option, the system, when planning the requests in a given period, will skip all holidays, not taking into account them.
Send request to - Here you can choose an available person from the list to whom you send the request.

Additional Features

How to add your own time off request type❓

Go to Settings (upper right corner by clicking on the account icon), select the Requests section on the left side. Click the + Add button under Time off request types. In the new view, define an abbreviated name and request details.

How to add your own custom type of request❓

Go to Settings (upper right corner by clicking on the account icon), select the Requests section on the left side. Scroll and click the + Add button under Custom request. In the new view, define an abbreviated name and whether it should be limited.

Download / print requests

Select the selected request(s) that you want to download / print and click the appropriate button on the top right.

Deleting a request

Click on the three dots to the right of the application and select Delete.


When submitting the application, it is possible to attach an additional file, which will be visible to the person examining the request.
The allowed file extensions are: .jpg , .png , .bmp , .jpeg , size up to 2MB .

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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