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Attendance list report/Detailed report - Unrubble module

Attendance list report

The purpose of the Attendance list report is to display information about the attendance status of employees, their reported statuses: Clock In / Clock Out and additional ones.
On the tiles you will also see information about time off requests and business trips.

The most important elements of the Attendance Report are types of displayed graphics .
💡 Available Statuses you will see always on the left side in the State section.

Green tile 🟩

Signals that the employee has correctly reflected the Clock in / Clock out and additional statuses. If you use the Scheduling module, it also means that the employee worked the day according to the planned schedule.

Yellow tile 🟨

Warns that the employee showed up at work, but was late or left work too early. On such a day, there was no compliance with the planned work schedule. Just click on a tile to learn more details and make the necessary changes (on the right side).

Blue tile 🟦

Informs about the occurring overtime on that day.

Gray rounded tile

Informs that the considered absence, reported by the application, takes place on this day.


It shows the name of the delegation at the bottom of the tile.

The strip on the tile

It is an abbreviation of the name of the submitted and examined time off request or other custom request.

Red rounded tile 🔴

It means absence, despite the scheduled work schedule for a given day - i.e. the employee did not respond to the events on that day. There is then an unexcused absence.
💡 You can add forgotten events by clicking on the tile - details will be displayed on the right.

Red triangle 🔺

It alerts that the employee has appeared at work inconsistently with the planned work schedule, or that his events have been incorrectly recorded. Click on the triangle for more details. The details and alert description will be shown on the right side.


Alert One or more time event has no corresponding ending

Occurs when an employee forgot to mirror a pair to Clock in / Clock out. You can add the missing event by clicking on the triangle - the details of the day will be displayed on the right side.

Alert You cannot combine different types of timesheet and / or the events do not coincide with the timesheet.

It proves that more than one pair of Clock in / Clock out has been reported during the day, with assigned Fixed schedule. In such a situation, the schedule should be changed to Flexible one with the given number of hours to be worked during the day. The non-standard schedule allows you to use any number of Clock in / Clock out pairs during the day.


Means the employee had a schedule scheduled but did not report Clock in ani Clock out during the day. You can add the missing event by clicking on the triangle - the details of the day will be displayed on the right side.

Alert There must be no overtime on the holiday

The alert is visible when on the day when the time off is added (request), the working time together with time off (in total) gives more hours than planned in the schedule Fixed. An example is a day when the working time with time off time gives a total of 8 hours and 25 minutes, where the schedule for that day is scheduled for 8 hours. There cannot be overtime on the days when we choose time off.

Edit Clock in / Clock out.

Events can be edited in the Reports view. To edit an event, click on any day on which the status was reported by the employee. The details of the day will be displayed on the right. Editing is very simple: you click on the selected status hour and the system automatically redirects you to the edit window where you make an edit, select the button Save. The event has been successfully edited.


On the top bar, after clicking the Download button, the Unrubble application lets you download the Attendance List and Detailed Report as a file.


On the top bar, after clicking the Download button, the Unrubble application lets you export chosen report to a file specially prepared for the selected HR and payroll program.

Download & Export are unavailable in Starter plan

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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