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Unrubble - available modules

The Unrubble application offers 3 modules. You can adjust application to your needs and buy only selected.


🕗 Time Tracking

This module allows for reporting Start / Stop events and additional events during the day by employees. It generates work time reports from the received data.
More information about Time Tracking

📅 Scheduling

This module allows you to plan shifts for employees. The system compares reported events (Time Tracking) by employees during the day to the planned schedules. Additionally, in conjunction with the Time Tracking module, it will show data on overtime and lack of norm - if any. Employees also gain. After logging in to their (employee) account, they will receive a full preview of their planned work schedule. The system can also send notifications about the assigned new schedule and its changes.
More information about Scheduling

🤿 Requests

This module allows employees to submit various types of requests, including:
Time off,
Custom (e.g. remote work, overtime, equipment release, etc.),
Business trip,
Time tracking.
More information about Requests

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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