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QuickBooks with Unrubble

How to use Unrubble with Intuit QuickBooks? If you're already using both platforms, you're only a few clicks away from synchronizing your data between them.


How to connect Unrubble with QuickBooks Online?

Click on your Portrait icon. Next, click on Settings.

Click on Integrations on left side.

Click on Connect under QuickBooks integration. You’ll be redirected to QuickBooks and asked to login and authorize Unrubble.

To authorize Unrubble, log in to your QuickBooks account by entering your email address and QuickBooks password.

Click Connect.

Once authorized, your account is connected with QuickBooks. Now you are able to import employees list and export work time directly to your QuickBooks account or simply disconnect the connection any time by click on Disconnect.

How to import employees list from QuickBooks Online to Unrubble?

Click on Team in the top menu bar.

Click on Import button. Next click on the From QuickBooks.

Select employees and click on Import button.

Once import employee list, you will see information about success.

How to export timesheets from Unrubble to QuickBooks Online?

Click on Reports in the top menu bar and choose one from two report type.

Select employees and click on Export button. Next click on To QuickBooks.

Choose "Date range", select employees and click Export.

Once export, you will see information about success.

You can't export timesheets if you have "Simple Start" plan of QuickBooks.

This integration is unavailable in Starter plan

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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