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Delete account

Unrubble is the great solution for multiple types of businesses, however what can we do If we decide to resign?

Stop logging into your account 💨

First possible step is just stop logging into your account. Stored data will be available if you decide to return. After the 14-day trial period is over, the application will ask you what plan you wanna. Remember Starter plan is always free. 👌

Delete an account ❌

Below you will find out how you can permanently and irretrievably delete the entire account with all data.

Go to:
Settings (right upper corner)
Delete whole organization

Select from the list the reason why you want to delete the account.
Enter your account password.
Click Delete.
Confirm account deletion.

After this operation, your account will be completely deleted along with all data, without any possibility of restoring it, even for a fee.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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